Our Desire For YOU

The Co-Creators of Infinite-Self, Joseph Marti and Melbe Sweet, have the desire for you to find your unique way of living, healing, and becoming your Infinite Potential. Through years of self-study and experimentation, we came to the understand one simple thing: we are all different and we should act according to our difference - not against it. It is much easier to swim into the shore than out to sea, because the seawater is flowing in creating force and movement in a certain direction. You and your body are just like the ocean, if you choose to always swim out to sea, fighting against your own natural patterns (Infinite Self), you will be in constant struggle never finding peace or rest.

Life isn't complicated, it is simple. We have forgotten the simplicity of life in this fast-paced world and our bodies are in shock from the constant stimulation of life. Find your unique way of encompassing simplicity. To do this, YOU must know what you truly DESIRE from YOUR life.

Self doubt, rapid breath, the self critic, starvation, the harsh internal voice, lack of hydration, and negative personal speech are all physical and mental examples of different ways in which we fight against who and what we. The by-product of these habitual ways of being will create physical pain, emotional anguish, psychological imbalance, and eventually full-blown health issues/diseases. Infinite Self 's message is that, firstly, you must have the desire to start YOUR own process of self discovery, healing, and living in the moment. Second, you ask for assistance and partnership in your personal healing process. That is the counterbalance into living in your own personal potential. If you have the desire for self-exploration, then we are here to support you on your path toward reconnecting into your Infinite Self.

If you look at your own internal record and take note of how much energy you spend on counterproductive thoughts and behaviors, then you may be startled to find that you are blocking yourself from reaching balance in your health, life, and sex. Each and every one of us is not unique in that we all do things that are counterproductive to our life's purpose. The quality and quantity of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors is on the path of being human. The key is to be a gentle-observer and a co-creator in this process while to slowly re-discovering what it is actually is like to be the authentic-YOU.