∞ J o s e p h M a r t i ∞

Joseph Marti’s desire to overcome the structural misalignment in his spine brought him to experimenting in a variety of healing modalities that were available to him. Through educating and exploring his body, Joseph came to understand that he could slowly unravel the curvature in his spine thus easing the discomfort of scoliosis. Joseph has used alternative & wholistic modalities to assist in his unraveling of scoliosis.
Beginning his healing in yoga, he learned that breath, stretching, and body heat help to ease the pain and tension while loosening and lengthening his spine. Then with Tantric Breath Workshops, he realized how to cultivate and conserve energy by breathing properly and fully, thus feeding his body, mind, and soul. Breath-work has been a foundational practice that has informed everything is Joseph's life.
He has been developing his skills as a hands-on healer by training in: Shiatsu-Anma Massage / Traditional Chinese Medicine (Diploma A & B = 500 hrs.), Craniosacral Therapy, Orgasmic Meditation, Co-Active Life Coaching, Emotional Resolution (EmRes), Yab-Yum Meditation, a personal yoga/stretching practice, and completed his BA in Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. His concentrations of study at Naropa were Health & Healing and Somatic Psychology. Each of these trainings has brought Joseph more into contact with his Infinite-Self and has given him the internal power to share his transformation with others.
Joseph has seen the quality of his life get better by feeling and tuning into his body, working with its differences, and sharing his knowledge with others. He had noticed his unique nature and began creating his own process of health by listening and feeling more deeply into his body. Joseph is dedicated to helping others along their own unique path toward healing and reconnecting with their Infinite-Self.
Over the last three years, on a quest to straighten his spine and connect more deeply to self and other, Joseph came to the understanding that living a Wholistic lifestyle was key to maintaining health. He received his BA in Contemplative Psychology in Fall 2014 from Naropa University.

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∞ M e l b e S w e e t ∞

Melbe Sweet is an example of physical change in real time. She spent five years losing over 75lbs, training for and running the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon, all while building a Wholistic Life Consulting Practice with her partner. She desired change in her life, and in her process of change, she learned that conscious time well spent on her self is the key to growth and permanent change. She works with the health-aware individual that knows that life is good, your body is to be enjoyed, and your happiness is what you are here for.

On her quest for the infinite-self, she trained in yoga for three years and became a certified Bhakti Yoga teacher. She has also learned Tantric breath, Pleasure/Touch Practice for Couples, Craniosacral Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Shiatsu Massage. She is is always in the process of educating herself on how to heal herself and others. She also maintains a private bookkeeping and massage business with her partner Joseph. Her combination of self-employment and education helped her evolve something to offer to others: a wholistic approach to change. Working from the place that we are all uniquely different, she uses her training and intuition to work with you and plan the long-term life change you are looking for. She is currently developing methods for healing scar tissue (with a focus on genital scarring), practicing massage and consulting in Boulder Colorado. Melbe is a Graduate of Naropa University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Women's Studies, Psychology & Theology.

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It is our desire that you fully enjoy your life and continue to play while being your truest Infinite-Self!

∞ Joseph & Melbe