Emotional Resolution®

∞ EmRes is the owner's manual to your emotional bio-technology ∞

Emotional Resolution accesses our body's natural ability for emotional healing by integrating the source of disruptive patterns: physical sensations. This approach is able to resolve all disempowering emotions that hinder the expression of our Infinite-Self. Some of these more well known self-sabotaging emotions include: phobias, fears, traumas (PTSD, ASD, etc.), aggression, avoidance, and general inhibitions.

∞Any emotional disturbance that is creating recurring negative repercussions in one's life can be harmonized∞

EmRes is an integrative technique that uses the natural harmonizing process of our emotional/somatic systems—a technology available since the beginnings of the human body—to regulate emotional disturbances indefinitely.

∞Emotional homeostasis is a feeling of contentment that is available to us all∞

Persistant distruptive emotions stem from physical sensations that attempt to improve our response to our environment. These recurring emotions are outdated predictions that hinder our lives, no longer serve our desire to thrive, and are a detriment to our wellbeing. Yet they still persist. Why?

The culmination of non-verbal physical sensations that are felt when "triggered" are what we verbally label as emotions, however, our cognitive labeling is one of many control mechanisms that hinder the resolution of these difficult emotions.

The human body is resilient and has regenerative abilities. Just as the skin will automatically begin to heal when it is cut or burned so is true for the body's emotional capacities. In general, cultural norms and societal pressures teach us otherwise. The body can emotionally heal and restore itself within 2-90 seconds—when we get out of our own way.

∞ Somatic sensations—consciously coupled with the power of attention and surrender— is what leads us to emotional sovereignty ∞

Client Testimonial

"The EmRes process with Joey has been incredible. I have emetophobia and used to have generalized anxiety disorder. Through our work together, I have experienced a significant decrease in overall anxiety and phobic paralysis. He has helped me where no other therapist has been able to."

-Lina S

Are YOU ready to THRIVE?!

All that we need to begin a session:

You've experienced a disruptive emotion and can place a specific moment in your life when it has occurred. You are not required to tell me what your emotional difficulty is, and we never go back to an original trauma.

If you're not sure, then contact Joseph for a complimentary discovery session.

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How is EmRes different than other modalities?

  1. We never revisit an original trauma

  2. The majority of clients don't need to explain the story; this isn't talk therapy; it's us listening to the body's need for sensorial acknowldgement by saying "yes" to sensations and doing nothing. The body self-heals.

  3. We work to resolve singular emotional patterns; many resolve in 1 session, but not all, so we meet as many times as needed to harmonize the disruptive emotion(s) brought to our work. Cost is based per emotional pattern, not per session. Joseph's goal is to assist you in becoming emotionally sovereign by trusting that you and your body knows best.

How does it work?

This natural process of allowing sensations to flow unabated throughout your body begins to heal and re-connect you into your sensation-based neural community. Reconnecting to this primitive non-verbal language will harmonize your emotional capacities and behavioral difficulties surrounding these subconscious fears. If you feel that your life is being held back by overwhelming sensations, or that you have to avoid situations because the environment is simply too overwhelming, please read further! Life is about fully THRIVING, not just surviving.

EmRes can reset your emotional response to any situation therefore integrating old traumas, phobias, stress, aggression, and anxieties (to only name a few). This technique can unblock every and all emotional disturbances—from relationship/connection issues to depression, social anxiety, and general emotional difficulties—simply by bringing awareness to subconscious outdated prediction patterns stored in your body that are yearning for YOUR attention. This process teaches you to tap into your natural ability and find how simple it becomes to live life fully and authentically—a new you—free from unnecessary fears.

Our work is to sensorially reverse disempowering cultural beliefs that block our ability to organically integrate difficult emotions. As this intgration takes hold, it gives us the platform to build new beliefs that empower us. New beliefs built by you!

What does a session look like?

Emotional Resolution:

First, we discuss the parameters needed to begin a session. Contact us to set up this short 5-10 min complimentary discovery consult. From there, we will set up an appointment for the actual EmRes session.

We will work together to harmonize 1 emotional pattern per cost of service. This includes the initial discovery consult, the actual session(s), and the followup. The followup helps us to ensure that the emotion you came to resolve no longer hinders you; clients experience a distinct shift that becomes more poignant as they go through life unhindered by previous sensations that controlled their life.

Self-EmRes Training:

This training teaches you how to become sovereign in resolving your own emotional difficulties in the moment and after the emotion has passed. The skill to become autonomous, by recreating & resolving physical sensations from the past, is what provides access to harnessing your unique brilliance. This training will provide you the autonomous ability to self regulate any emotional disturbance. By reminding your body of its natural ability you will become even more effective at engaging with life, it's difficulties, and will therefore be better adaptable to anything life has in store for you.

The training is (3) one-hour classes over six weeks (1-on-1):

1st class: How to resolve an emotion in the moment that you feel it

2nd class: Resolve emotional patterns after the emotion has passed

3rd class: Follow up to ensure that your process for EmRes is understood, effective, and integrated into your life

Contact Joseph for more information

How much does a session cost?

Emotional Resolution:

$300 per session: most clients experience complete resolution of a single emotional pattern in 1-3 sessions.

Contact Joseph if you need more info about our sliding scale offerings