What is My "Infinite-Self"?

One's Infinite-Self is seen as a dynamic, inclusive, and wholistic approach to being. Living in relationship to one's Infinite-Self requires becoming best friends with one's self. This dynamic inclusivity applies to EVERY aspect of one's life (especially to the disregarded/shadow aspects of Self) and must be viewed with an open perspective of change and fluidity. Wholistic self-inclusion and self-acceptance are required for sustainable health & happiness.

Do you feel happy, healthy, and sexy?

Do you desire to manifest, create, and design using your highest potential?

Do you want help, support, and comfort while exploring your fine-tuned wholistic life?

Have you ever drawn your desires?

It Is Time Co-Create Your Infinite-Self!

Someone who is striving to live in their highest potential in the most gentle of ways is someone living as their Infinite-Self.

To be connected to your Infinite-Self means to strive to live gently in your highest potential.

Everyone, at the core of their being, is Infinite-Self. This Self is dynamic in body, mind, and soul. The potentiality is ever-changing, evolving, learning, growing, and directly experiencing life at its fullest.

The core of Infinite-Self becomes limited and constrained simply by living in a culture with other human beings. Humans are biologically tuned for connection and relationship to other. We inherit and mirror other people's way of being while simultaneously attempting to understand who we are at our core-self and how we would like to interact in our world.

Infinite-Self is analogous to the life force of a flowing river. Social conditioning, energy depleting habits, toxic relationships, and self-deprecating emotional thoughts and patterns act like sediment that cover, constrict, and muddle the roaring river of Infinite-Self. Layers among layers of shame assist in suppressing the life force of one's Infinite-Self.

This thick sediment, which clouds and distorts our perspective of Infinite-Self, is not just limiting and constraining; the sediment is also nourishing and full of wisdom. The sediment leads us closer to our Infinite-Self, yet it needs to be gently sifted through. Heart-conscious attention and presence directed at self innately balance and sustain one's state of being. We can learn, evolve, and grow towards our potential by viewing and connecting to our parts of self that are not being fully expressed or full accepted

Our desire is to bring awareness and gentle attention to what is lacking, missing, or avoided in your life. We want to help you restore connection to your Infinite-Self and your body, thus creating more energy and life force. This internal attention to your psychology and physiology begins to create more sustained pleasure throughout your daily life. Let us help you in taking action in the creation of who you want to be and designing your Infinite-Self. Your Infinite-Self is patiently awaiting your full presence. Sift through the nourishment and discover the richness available in the sediment of your past experiences.

Cheers to you and your first step in cultivation of your Infinite-Self!

Joey & Melbe