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Our site is for the self explorer!      

We are here for you! Our desire is to meet, to teach, and to C.A.R.E. 





We C.A.R.E. for you and want to assist you in C.A.R.E.ing for your Infinite-Self. 

This website has been created for your exploration into your Infinite Health.      

Client Testimonial

"The EmRes process with Joey has been incredible. I have emetophobia and used to have generalized anxiety disorder. Through our work together, I have experienced a significant decrease in overall anxiety and phobic paralysis. He has helped me where no other therapist has been able to."

-Lina S

Client Testimonial

"I underwent EmRes sessions with Joey, and the impact was profoundly life-changing. While I initially doubted how EmRes could address my stomach issues, it surprisingly made a difference. Alongside dietary adjustments, regular exercise, and other positive life changes, Joey's guidance was the perfect finishing touch."

-Ravi K.

Client Testimonial

"I'm eternally grateful for Joey's help with his expertise as an Emotional Healing Practitioner using the EmRes® approach. I've finally found the best version—the new version—of me by regaining my true inner-power and having the inner-peace in dealing with highly-intense life issues. It's truly a game changer! Now I truly understand the true meaning of having inner-power & inner-peace. Anyone who is on the fence, or having self-doubt about your emotional health, please reach out to Joey and have a private session 1-on-1 with him to resolve the roots of your emotional issues. It will transform your life for good."


Emotional Brilliance is the foundation of rediscovering your infinite-self. Learn how to harmonize your blockages so you can discover your unique emotional brilliance

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