What is Tipi ?

 Tipi is a French acronym for Technique d'Identification sensorielle des Peurs Inconscientes - Translated as: Technique for the Sensory Identification of Subconscious Fears

Tipi is a somatic approach that completely resolves phobias, fears, traumas (PTSD, etc.), and inhibitions. Any emotional disturbance that is creating recurring repercussions in one's life can be harmonized by the Tipi technique. Tipi is an integrative technique that uses the natural process of our emotional/somatic systems—a technology available since the beginnings of the human body—to regulate emotional disturbances indefinitely

~Somatic sensations consciously coupled with the power of attention and surrender~

The human body is resilient. Just as the skin will automatically begin to heal when it is cut or burned so is true for the body's emotional capacities. In general, cultural norms and societal pressures teach us otherwise. The body can emotionally heal and restore itself within seconds to minutes if allowed. Tipi is the owner's manual to your emotional technology.

How does it work?

This natural process of allowing sensations to flow unabated throughout your body begins to heal and re-connect you into your sensation-based neural community. Reconnecting to this primitive non-verbal language will harmonize your emotional emotional capacities and behavioral difficulties surrounding these unconscious fears. If you feel that your life  is being held back by overwhelming sensations, or that you have to avoid situations because the environment is simply too overwhelming, please read further about Tipi. Life is about fully THRIVING, not just surviving. 

In 2.5-minutes or less Tipi can reset your emotional response to any situation therefore relieving old traumas, phobias, stress, aggression, and anxieties (to only name a few). This technique can unblock every and all emotional disturbances—from relationship/connection issues to depression, social anxiety, and emotional difficulties—simply by bringing awareness to unconscious memories stored in your body. Learn this process that teaches you to tap into your natural ability and find how simple it becomes to live life fully and authentically connected to your Infinite-Self.

What does a session look like?

Present-Moment Self Tipi (Free):
Perform in a moment when you are living an emotional difficulty currently (i.e. you are triggered)

Notice the trigger/emotional disturbance and must be in a safe space (no driving) to:

1) close eyes

2) feel sensations in your body

3)”allow sensations to evolve” -can say verbally or internally

4) open eyes when you feel a sense of calm.

If you do not feel calm after 5 seconds to 2.5 minutes , then something in the 1,2,3 did not work properly and we can discuss

Sessions described below are most effective via the phone (so you are in the comfort of your own home). We can also do sessions in person, if located in the Denver, CO area, or via a video chat platform.

Past-Moment Tipi:
First, we discuss the parameters needed to begin a session. Contact us to set up this short 5-10 min call. From there, we will set up an appointment for the actual tipi session. Joey will then guide you through the technique. Once this fear has been harmonized in the first session, we will then check-in two weeks later to ensure that it no longer hinders you.

Past-Moment Self-Tipi:
Self-Tipi is the autonomous ability to self regulate any emotional disturbance at any time in your life. Essentially, I will teach you how to perform the Past-Moment Tipi process on your self by yourself. By reminding your body of its natural ability you will become even more effective at engaging with life, it's difficulties, and will therefore be better adaptable to anything life has in store for you. 

Are YOU ready to THRIVE?!

If you are ready to connect and heal your fears then please contact us. We do not even need to know what your fear is. All that we need to make sure is that you have had a life experience with this overwhelming sensation within the last 1-2 months. Do not worry if your trauma is older than 1-2 months; give us a call and we can discover how this trauma currently weaves into your life. We have multiple packages and can work from a sliding scale.

Check out a few of these resources for more information on Tipi: