• Massage Special
    Therapeutic Treatment
    ($90 for 90 minute session)
    • A multiple layered treatment created for the client in the moment.  Ten to twenty minutes of silent and verbal assessment of Clients needs followed by combinations of Massage, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Crystals, and techniques to help promote balances and movement of Qi in the body.  Also a FREE handmade bath scrub made specifically for you. Normally $160 per session.  Anyone who mentions Massage Special will receive the Special Rate of $65.00. 
  • Shiatsu-Anma Massage ($75 for 60 minute or $100 for 90 minute sessions)   
    • This style of massage is Japanese and Chinese inspired. Its main focus is to work with the bodie's energetic system (via pressure points/meridians) to stimulate blood, breath, and Qi flow. This style of massage is as deep or as soft as, you as the client, desires. This form of shiatsu is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine that understands one's connection nature and The 5 Elements. Meridian lines of the body are stimulated and massaged to locate energy blockages ("knots" or painful spots) in the different levels of the body.  This touching connection to your pain will release held tension in the body. Melbe and Joey have completed 500+ hours of training at The Shiatsu Massage School of California and enjoy sharing this service with their clients. Shiatsu is comprehensive preventative care that assesses all aspects of the body (skin, organ, bone, etc.) to provide relaxation and wholistic health. 
  • Visionary Craniosacral ($100 for 90 minute session) 
    • This style of therapy is based on Hugh Milne's "Visionary Approach to Craniosacral Work". There are multiple 'holding' techniques via the skull (cranium) and 'tailbone' (sacrum). These holds use gentle touch, minimal movement, and connection to heart-space to help facilitate Qi flow in the body. This therapy is nourishing for the body, mind, and soul while realigning physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma.  Craniosacral is ideal for the person who has trouble with deep pressure massages and is. This nurturing style of body work interfaces with soul through your bones.  
  • Tandem Therapeutic Treatment ($200 for 90 minutes with two therapists working on one client)