Infinite Services

  • C.A.R.E. Session (30 Minutes)

    • A C.A.R.E. Session can be completed in person, over the phone, or via video chat (Skype, Google Talk, etc.). This discovery session opens a dialog of curiosity  about your wholistic-health needs and desires.  We will co-create an outline of needs, goals, and desires to help you along your path of restoring your Infinite-Self.
Services Offered:

Training Modalities That Inform Infinite-Self Interactions and Practices

  • Co Active Life Coaching

      • Both Melbe and Joseph have been trained in Co-Active Life Coaching by Mai Vu and Jeff Jacobson. This form of active-listening and curious-conversing has been immensely powerful in their path towards a wholistic lifestyle. Widening the spectrum of conversation while deepening one's ability to listen is the path towards Infinite-Self. Although Melbe and Joseph do not offer Life Coaching sessions, they constantly use these skills to better understand their client's needs and desires. Feel free to inquire if you have questions about this style of processing.

    • Please CONTACT US for all pricing. We will work on a sliding scale with everyone who is ready to heal!