What Is My "Infinite-Self"?

One's Infinite-Self is seen as a dynamic, inclusive, and wholistic approach to being. Living in relationship to one's Infinite-Self requires becoming best friends with one's self. This dynamic inclusivity applies to EVERY aspect of one's life (especially to the disregarded/shadow aspects of Self) and must be viewed with an open perspective of change and fluidity. Wholistic self-inclusion and self-acceptance are required for sustainable health & happiness.
 Do you feel happy, healthy, and sexy?
Do you desire to manifest, create, and design using your highest potential?
Do you want help, support, and comfort while exploring your fine-tuned wholistic life?

Have you ever drawn your desires?

It Is Time Co-Create Your Infinite-Self!
Someone who is striving to live in their highest potential in the most gentle of ways is someone living as their Infinite-Self.
To be connected to your Infinite-Self means to strive to live gently in your highest potential.